Distorting ‘Fairground’ Mirrors for Sale.

Our Distorting ‘Fairground’ Mirrors are ideal for all types of internal Commerical Amusement Centres including Arcades, Adventure Centres, Creches etc. and also in private houses as amusing novelties and conversation pieces. A person standing in front of a mirror depending on the design required, will appear fat, thin, have long legs, short fat bodies and other similar amusing images.


We make the mirrors to order generally to a standard size to suit either adults or children but we can make them to any size if required. Colour is also optionall.

Our Standard sizes are as below:-

  • Fullsize for adults – 1830mm high x 610mm wide x 100mm deep.
  • Medium size for children – 1230mm high x 610mm wide x 100mm deep.
  • Small size – 750mm high x 470mm wide x 100mm deep.
    The small size mirror is intended to be fixed to a wall at a height to suit either an adult or a child and can be used either horizontally or vertically.


Mirror – Cut from 3mm thick Extruded Acrylic Silver Mirror sheets.

Frames – The sides and backs of the mirrors are made from MDF. (Medite)

Colour – Mirrors can be painted in whatever plain colour you choose. Not a design.


Please send an email stating the size and no. required and your location to myself, Robert, at robertnutt1947@gmail.com and I would be pleased to give you a quotation by return.

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