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We offer a range of  made to order Distorting ‘Fairground’ Mirrors for sale, Illuminated Table Centerpieces and a Reverse Steer Bike for hire and/or sale throughout Ireland and the U.K.

Distorting ‘Fairground’ Mirrors
Distorting Mirrors

We now make a range of Distorting Image ‘Fairground’ Mirrors for sale. Made to order they are available in three standard sizes or to a preferred size. Find out more about our Distorting ‘Fairground’ Mirrors…

Wedding Table Centerpieces, Event Table Centerpieces
Wedding Table Centrepieces

Our submerged flower Illuminated Table Centerpieces are a terrific addition to almost any style of wedding or event. Find out more about our Illuminated Centrepieces for hire for your special occasion…

Reverse Steer Bike
Reverse Steer Bike

Primetime Leisure now offers our Reverse Steer Bike for hire and/or sale since we can make you a bike similar to our own one. Find out more about our Reverse Steer Bike…



In My Own Words

I decided to use the last place on the website as a personal blog to post articles I have written regarding various subjects.
The first article is about the lifestyle and the recent demise of small boat fishermen who fished and pulled their boats up and down Garrarus Strand a small beach near Tramore on the south coast of Ireland. I called it ‘Garrarus Beach- A small journey on the last boat.’
If you would like to read it please click here.In my own words.